Following the guidance released by The Scouts on 25/06/2020 which can be found here, we have set out the policy which the Scout Group are following to ensure that everyone is safe and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 whilst slowly moving back to face to face meetings.
The system set out by The Scouts follows the National Youth Agency (NYA) framework for returning to meetings. There are four levels of alert which are as follows:

Throughout this document we will refer to Scouts. This can refer to Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, or Explorer Scouts.

Our initial plan is to restart water activities as they are easiest to run while maintaining social distancing as well as outdoor activities. We will continue to use Zoom and Kahoot as part of a Blended programme.

We have produced an action plan to allow us to restart activities as well as a number of initial risk assessments. both of these documents will change as we start to re-open and the latest reviewed versions will be stored here. If you have any questions, please contact your section leader or else drop me (Giles) an email or IM.

Our generic Risk Assessment covers our HQ, drop off and pack up, as well as cleaning, moving and storing equipment. This does not include using the inside of the HQ for meetings as we are not at that stage yet. at present, only the toilets are planned to be used inside the HQ.

Our Approach Document can be found here:

1st Walton Covid Response Document and plan v1.4

Our Risk Assessment Documents can be found here:

For Outdoor and Water activities at our HQ

Monday Cubs

Tuesday Cubs

Wednesday Scouts

Friday Scouts

Beavers will follow


We have a Draft Risk Assessment which includes meeting indoors and which can be found here

We also have a Draft Ridsk Assessment for Sailing and Powerboating at Island Barn

Our consent form to be completed before your scout takes part in any face to face activities