About our Group

We are a very popular group with an exciting and challenging programme. As such, we are usually running with full sections, however when places do become available, we fill them from our waiting list.

In early 2019 we are planing to open a new Beaver, Cub and Scout section in order to take as many people from the waiting list as possible. Children whose parents volunteer and train as leaders get priority.

Each Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer pays a certain amount of money per year. thi sis calles Subscriptions and is used to fund scout HQ as well as our own Hall, insurance, maintenance and so on. Our subs dont actually cover our running costs let along repairs and new boats etc, so we have a number of fundraisers through the year. These are vital to teh existence of th group as even though all our leaders and supporters are volunteers, keeping the group running does cost quite a bit, especially as we are a Sea Scout group.

The Subs are set at £150 per year, payable via stop order either annually or termly (£50 x 3) in advance. If you volunteer to be a leader and complete your training, the subs are reduced.